Bed Wetting Help for Children and Teens

All too often parents punish their children or scold them heavily for wetting the bed. Parents feel that because their children are a certain age, they should no longer wet the bed. Bed wetting in older children is more common than people think, and it will be in the best interest of these children if their parents become educated about this, so they can better help their children.

Punishment, scolding, and rewards do not stop bed wetting. To think that these techniques will work is, of course, a flawed way of thinking. A child cannot be rewarded for, scolded for, or punished for something that he or she is unaware that is happening. Bed wetting occurs during sleep, meaning that the child does not know it is happening, so this fact stabs the philosophy that the child is wetting the bed on purpose right in the heart.

If you are a parent of a bed wetting child or a bed wetting teen and want some answers, you will certainly find them here. This page contains links to a number of reputable sources that will provide answers as to how you can help your child in a supportive and loving way.

Bed-Wetting (Primary Nocturnal Enuresis) in Toddlers and Children

This article provides an overview of bed wetting and explains some of its causes, like genetic factors, the body growing faster than the child's bladder, and not having enough of the hormone that decreases urine production at night.

Bed-Wetting: What Causes Your Child to Wet the Bed

This is an article that details the reasons children wet the bed. This article also explains that this problem is kept secret, as it is a taboo to have accidents in the bed after toilet training. Because this problem is kept secret and is regarded as taboo, this causes bed wetting children to have traumatic childhoods. This article emphasizes the importance of more awareness of this problem, as it is more common than the majority of society thinks.

Bed Wetting Causes

This article does not only provide great detail concerning the causes of bed wetting, but it discusses a study which results demonstrate that parents are grossly ignorant about bed wetting and its causes. Reading this article will be a source of encouragement for you, as it emphasizes that bed wetting is not a result of bad parenting, bad actions, laziness on the part of the child, or emotional maturity and instability, common myths that many believe.

Teen Bed Wetting

This article covers the issue of teen bed wetting. This write up sheds light on the fact that teen bed wetting is more common than society believes.

2% Of Teens Wet The Bed At Night

This article provides excellent stats about teen and adult bed wetting and emphasizes the importance of getting help if severe bed wetting continues.

Now, here are some articles I have written for Associated Content, now known as Yahoo Voices. I have written these articles for this network because I know they have a worldwide readership that consists of millions of people. What better place to write articles about incontinence and bring awareness to it that will help decrease the stigma? All of these articles are written from my own personal experiences, and some of them will reference authoritative medical sorces.

How to Cure Bed Wetting

Many parents search the Internet for a cure for bedwetting, as they are frustrated with their children's inability to control their bladders during the night. This article will help ease parents' frustrations and shed some important light on the subject.

Why You Shouldn't Punish Your Child for Bed Wetting It is common that parents punish their children for bedwetting, thinking that it will stop the behavior. However, this is the wrong way to handle the situation.

Teenage Bedwetting: a More Common Problem Than You Think Many parents become upset at their teenage children for wetting their beds. But, what they do not realize is that teenage bedwetting is quite common.

Top Bedwetting Solutions that Are Simple and Stress Free Bedwetting can be frustrating for both parent and child; however, these top bedwetting solutions will make life easier for all involved.

How to Make the Issue of Bedwetting Less Embarrassing The issue of bedwetting can be really embarrassing to a child, as he feels worthless and all alone. A few simple things can be done, however, to make things less embarrassing.

Where to Purchase Hylands Bedwetting Tablets If you do not want to turn to drugs, and if your child does not want to wear diapers or Good Nights to bed, Hylands Bedwetting tablets are the next best thing. Keep in mind, though, that this supplement is only good for children who are going through bed wetting as a normal stage of development. They will not really suffice for those whose bed wetting is caused by a medical problem.

 Check back often for more resources, as I will update this page as I find more.

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