Incontinence Management Resources

On this page, you will find a plethora of articles about how to manage incontinence. These articles are written by me, and they cover topics that medical literature will not address. All of these articles are either written from my own personal experiences or from the experiences of others in the support groups I have attended over the years.

Tips for Managing Fecal Incontinence
If you have fecal incontinence, you will find these tips useful in managing the condition.

Best Adult Diapers for Active Incontinent People
When most people hear of incontinence, the elderly and the disabled come to mind; however, there are incontinent people who are also very active, leading normal lives like the rest of us.

What To Do If You Found out Your Partner is Incontinent
Finding out that your partner is incontinent is a shocker; however, knowing what to do will help things along.

Managing Incontinence in the Workplace
Managing incontinence in the workplace is tricky, but these tips will do the trick.

Incontinence and a Fulfilling Sex Life
There are a large number of people who believe that it is unthinkable for an incontinent person to lead a life that is fulfilling and accomplished. To think that an incontinent person is having a fulfilling sex life is unheard of, or is it?

Top Three Cloth Adult Diapers
Going green seems to be quite popular these days, even among those who are incontinent. If you are thinking of going this route in incontinence management, you'll really want to check out these three cloth adult diapers.

Best Adult Diapers for Managing Fecal Incontinence
Managing fecal incontinence can be a challenge in itself, but these adult diapers will certainly do the trick in making life much easier.

The Fallacies of Incontinence Literature
It is true that when you do a search for information regarding incontinence, you will find quite a bit; however, the writings contain many fallacies.

Top Youth Incontinence Briefs
While there is only a small selection of youth incontinence briefs to choose from, there are some good ones that will get the job done right. Parents or caregivers who are caring for a child who needs diapers of this size or small adults who cannot fit regular adult diapers will benefit from reading this article.

How Fecal Incontinence Sufferers Can Reduce Stool Odor
Stool odor is one of the most embarrassing aspects of fecal incontinence; however, following a few simple steps can rid it once and for all to allow the sufferer to live life freely.

Healthy Diaper Changing Practices When Having Fecal Incontinence
When a person is new to incontinence, it can be scary, especially if he is confused about what to do. When an individual has a condition like fecal incontinence, something that causes horrific inconvenience and embarrassment, the problem is compounded.

What Will Adult Diapers Do to Males?
Adult diapers will not affect grown males in the same way that diapers affect baby boys.

Adult Cloth Diapers: Preparing for an Outing While Using Them
The thought of using adult cloth diapers while on outings is overwhelming; however it does not have to be. There are a couple of handy tips that make using them as easy as disposables.

Adult Cloth Diapers: How to Get Started Using Them
If you've never used adult cloth diapers before, getting started can seem quite daunting. But, if you are armed with the proper information, things will be easier.

Treating Diaper Rash when Using Adult Cloth Diapers
If you use adult cloth diapers and have developed a diaper rash, there is a systematic way that you will need to treat it.

Adult Diapers: Controlling the Odor in the House
If you have to use adult diapers to manage your incontinence, you will want to take steps to see to it that your house does not become permeated with the odor from them.

Adult Cloth Diapers: How to Effectively Clean Them
If you have decided to use adult cloth diapers to manage your incontinence, you will want to make sure you follow the steps to properly clean them.

Best Hygiene Practices for Incontinent Individuals
If you are incontinent and need diapers to manage the condition, there is some hygiene practices that you will definitely want to observe.

Tips for Decreasing the Instances of Developing Urinary Tract Infections While Using Adult Diapers to Manage Incontinence
Urinary tract infections are part of the unpleasantness of wearing adult diapers to manage incontinence. But, if you employ the following strategies, these infections will decrease.

Dispelling Myths about Incontinence
There are a number of myths about incontinence that need to be dispelled. Find out what they are.

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Urinary tract infections are part of the unpleasantness of wearing adult diapers to manage incontinence. But, if you employ the following strategies, these infections will decrease. incontinence diapers