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Potty training is, a lot of the time, frustrating for both parent and child. The child has to get used to doing something completely new, and the parent wants to hurry up and get the child out of diapers, not considering that the change may be frightening for the child and that the child may need to be eased into it. What often happens as a result of the frustration is that power struggles occur. Another thing that occurs is that children get punished or scolded for accidents, something that is entirely inappropriate, since there may be a number of reasons accidents are happening. Many problems that cause accidents are not known until the child is out of diapers. Because one does not want to take the chance of causing psychological trauma to a young child by just assuming nothing is wrong, it is better to never punish or scold for accidents at all.

There are also more obvious problems that can cause trouble with toilet training. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Autism, Asperger’s, learning difficulties, and other developmental disabilities.

Punishing or scolding a normal child for accidents can also have a negative effect. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. When the child does become sick and has an accident later on in life, he or she will hide that from the parents. This may cause problems, like a kidney, urinary tract, or bladder infection to go untreated and become fatal. The child can also develop serious stomach problems that may cause bowel accidents, like a blockage that causes the bowels to leak and eventually rupture if left untreated. The reason the child will hide these sicknesses from his or her parents is for fear he or she will get in trouble for having the accidents. You will be surprised, but the things that happen during potty training will stay with us forever, like how it is a horrible and cardinal sin to have an accident.
2. A child who is punished for accidents will become intolerant of those who have medical problems that cause incontinence.
3. Punishing or scolding for accidents can cause a child to have confidence and self-esteem issues. If these issues are bad enough, this will hinder the child's training. Pediatric experts say that accidents must be dealt with in a sensitive way, being careful not to get angry or criticize.

If you are a parent who is considering potty training your child in the near future or have a child who is being difficult and you need advice, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find articles that not only provide potty training advice, but you will also find articles that show you the proper way to potty train that will not cause any psychological damage to your child.

Why You Should Not Punish Your Child for Having Accidents
Many feel that because a child is past a certain age, he should not have accidents, thus he is punished when they do happen. In any case, punishment should never be considered.

How to Potty Train: the Five Potty Training Methods
This article discusses the five most commonly practiced potty training methods and the pros and cons of each one.

Potty Training Tips: How and When to Toilet Train Your Child
This is an excellent potty training article that provides appropriate tips, as well as provides advice concerning how to address potty training problems.

Articles for Potty Training Autistic and Asperger’s Children

Toileting Issues with Autism
Toileting a child is a challenge enough. But when the child has Autism, it is even more of a challenge. This article discusses some solutions as to how you can overcome these challenges. This can also apply to Asperger’s children.

Potty Training Your Child on the Autism Spectrum: My Experience
This is a very well written article about a mom's experience with potty training her Autistic son. Not only does she detail her experience, she provides some excellent tips. This article can also be useful for children with Asperger’s.

Autism and Toileting
This is an article that explains perfectly why Autistic children will have trouble with potty training and provides perfect tips concerning how to address this issue.

Articles for Potty Training Learning Disabled Children

One Step at a Time: How to Toilet Train Children with Learning Disabilities
This is an article that details a five step program for toileting a child with a learning disability.

Toilet Training
While this article is written to cover the subject of toilet training typical children, there is a section of this article that covers the problems that various disabilities can pose. Learning disabilities are covered here.

If you guys have any resources that are helpful and not punitive, feel free to suggest them.

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