Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I want to welcome anyone who comes to this blog.

Hi, I'm Reina Brown, and i'm going ontwenty-four years of age. I have suffered from some form of incontinence all of my life. Because things got worse, I now find myself relying on diapers twenty-four/seven, as this is the only thing that works. Medications have failed, and surgery is not an option. Heck! Nobody even knows what is causing this. So, how could they opperate on me if they don't even know the cause? Exactly. So I find myself in this predicament.

The next post will tell my story at length. This is just the abridged version to kind of fill you in on who i am.

The purpose for starting this blog is to fight stigma against incontinence. unfortunately, society has this idea that diapers are only for babies. Little do they know, there are millions who depend on them as adults, and these adults hardly display any characteristics of a helpless infant. As a matter of fact, incontinent adults hold jobs, raise families, and do whatever else they want in life. The only difference? They have to wear diapers. If it weren't for diapers, they'd not be able to do much else, as they'd be confined to a bed going to the bathroom on themselves. Diapers are our saving grace. They allow us to leave the house. They allow us to socialize without embarrassing accidents that would soil our clothing and friends' furniture. They allow us to hold jobs and function like adults.

I'm not saying that we like to wear diapers. We wouldn't if we didn't have to. We wish things were different. However, we are thankful that they are available and that they can provide the security that we need so we can otherwise lead normal lives. Instead of saying diapers are only for babies, it would be fitting to say, in this case, that they are a responsible solution to a problem. And, only an adult would possess the faculties to handle problems such as this in a responsible fassion.

It is my hope, and the hope of others who decide to author on this blog, that this blog will serve as a learning tool for members of society. We hope to not only educate but decrease the stigma attached to suffering incontinence and needing diapers. It is my dream, and the dream of all the rest of the incontinent community, that we can one day discuss our condition just the same as one can discuss the common cold, a broken leg, or alergies.

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