Monday, May 11, 2009

An Explanation for the Articles

You are probably wondering why I'mposting very small posts with links that lead to other websites. Well, these are articles that I've written, and I posted the links there so you can read them. since this is an incontinence blog, I thought it appropriate to have all of my incontinence related articles in one place to serve as a resource packed with tons of information.

The articles that i've posted to this blog thus far are ones that I've written about incontinence for Associated Content. I felt that since that site has a large following, what better place it would be to get the word out about incontinence. So far, these articles have had a positive effect. Many of the readers seem to like reading them and feel that they are very informative. this is wonderful, as this brings us one step closer to fighting stigma. While we are a long way from overcoming the stigma, every littlebit helps.

Please, share this blog with all of your friends. Pass it around to as many as possible. the more that read the blog, the more informed people will become about incontinence.

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