Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Work Situation is So Ideal

This post was supposed to be posted on the 29th of May; however, that was not possible. I have been immensely busy, so I am posting all of these posts now to catch up on my blogging.


I started my first day of work. Let me tell you that I absolutely love my job and the people there. I mean, I cannot ask for anything better. There is nothing like loving what you do and being able to get along with everyone there.

What is also nice is there are facilities for me to use to properly dispose of my diapers. There are nice sanitary bins in the stalls for women to use to throw away their napkins and tampons, and my diapers fit nicely in there. I was prepared to take along brown paper lunch bags and dispose of them in the communal trash can that is near the paper towels; however, I am glad to know I will not need to do that.

While I do not mind who knows about my incontinence problem, it is nice to be able to throw away my diapers discretely, so I will not have to engage in dialogue when I am in a hurry. I have no problem stopping to talk to people about my problem. After all, education is the key to reducing the stigma. But when time is a commodity, I cannot always do that.

I cannot ask for a more ideal work situation. Life is awesome! And Jehovah God is so good!

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