Saturday, January 24, 2009

Incontinence Resources and Online Support Groups for Incontinence Sufferers

The list is few for good resources. However, I've compiled some that I feel are most helpful to incontinence sufferers. If you are incontinent, or if you have a child who suffers from incontinence, look no further. The searching ends here. The list of incontinence resources and online incontinence support groups are as follows: This organization offers online support, as well as a ton of information about incontinence. This was the first organization I came into contact with at the age of nineteen. This is another site that is packed with information. They also have message boards where you can talk with other incontinent individuals. You'll need to click the "Friends and Sharing" link. Like the others, help and support are offered. This is a very wonderful site. This one is not blind friendly. A captcha is neded in order to join. We wil hopefully write the site owners about making this change. This is a urinary incontinence support group. You can also look up their other intity Daily Strength is one of the top websites for support. This is another online support group. This is for all medical conditions. You'll have to look for the one specific to incontinence. This site has information on a host of medical conditions, as well as message boards. You'll need to find the ones specific to incontinence. This group here is geered to urinary incontinence.

I truly hope this helps you.


super said...

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Waldorf PC said...

While your facts concerning depression are accurate, this is not a depression blog, though, depression can set in when living with incontinence should the person not have the proper support or view of himself. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I reason to believe that your comment is spam, as it promotes depression drugs, hardly the solution I want to recommend as a cure to dealing with one's incontinence. Taking drugs to mask ones feelings is not helpful in dealing with or coping with the condition. Proper coping would consist of a good support system and good resources so the sufferer can improve the quality of life. when provided with these things, the instance of depression caused by incontinence is very, very rare. Usually, i would delete comments like yours, but i have left it here to serve as an example for others who are trying to liv and cope with incontinence. This example is that rushing out to medicate yourself because you have ill feelings is not the answer. It is not a solution I want to promote here. While people legitimately need such drugs, they are not always the answer, as sometimes, it is better to face problems squarely .

Amanda Lu said...

These are all American links. It makes it as if incontinence is only in America.