Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hope for Normalcy

I promised that I would let you guys know how things went at the urologist today. To tell you the truth, things went well. It seems that there will be hope for me being able to control my bladder.

There is a new medication that is used for overactive bladder called Enablex. Unlike the other medications that are prescribed to treat overactive bladder, this one is specifically for this condition and this condition alone. I have been put on this medication at 7.5 milligrams and will be evaluated over a two week period to see how it works for me.

Along with the medication, I am expected to be on a voiding schedule to retrain myself to use the toilet again. I have to make myself use the bathroom every two hours. Even if I cannot go when I sit on the toilet, I have to sit there until I go. It is very similar to potty training a toddler. Also, when I am urinating, I have to try to stop my urine stream. The doctor said that I would see progress within a two week period. I certainly hope so, anyhow.

This process is going to be frustrating because it is going to be hard to do work having to stop often to retrain my bladder. It is worth it, though, if it means that I will eventually get to enjoy normalcy. During this time, it is going to be difficult to do work or go out anywhere because I have to be near a bathroom, until I get to a point where I can hold it and not have any accidents, and I am going to have to stop to go often.

After I get daytime down, then I have to work on not wetting the bed. I will have to wake up every two hours during the night. I will be doing this, until I can stay dry all night long.

I do not expect this to be a quick process. I also do not expect to get out of diapers quickly, either. It is going to take time to get to a point where complete control happens. Until I am confident that I can hold it for a long period of time, I will more than likely still use diapers when I go out and when I go to sleep. I have to have two consecutive months of complete dryness every single day and night before I am confident that I can completely wear underwear. I do not want any embarrassing accidents while out in public--I had my share of those--and I do not want to wet the bed. I am sure my husband will appreciate the precautions I am taking because I am one hundred percent sure he will not want to wake up in a wet bed. Quite frankly, I do not, either.

Now, even if I can attain complete control, I am still going to keep all the diapers I have left over. I am for the following reasons:

*Even if the medication works, there is a chance my body will get used to it, and it will stop working in the future. This is a risk with any medication.

*If and when I get pregnant, I will have to discontinue the use of the medication. This medication is still new, and it is not known if it will harm an unborn child or not. Personally, I will not take the meds, even if it is safe because I do not want to put any chemicals into my baby's body for any reason.

*I cannot take the medication if I decide to breastfeed because it is not known whether or not it can pass through breast milk. I only want to breastfeed because I do not want my babies drinking formula. Formula is artificial nutrition, and it is processed with chemicals, and I do not want anything artificial in the bodies of any of my children. Even if I cannot breastfeed, I will consult a milk bank or some other form of natural nutrition. But I will do every single thing in my power to breastfeed, like consuming twice the amount of fluids, eat a balanced diet, and do any other recommended thing to insure ample milk production. Most moms do not know this stuff, hence the reason so many women nowadays have so many problems with their milk production. Not to mention, feeding a baby on demand will also help with milk production. Sticking to a feeding schedule, something that is not good for babies' growth and development, will cause there to be problems with milk production. Many pediatricians continue to give moms the flawed advice to put their babies on feeding schedules inevitably causing milk to fail and babies to be put on the bottle and be fed that nasty formula. Thankfully, the benefits of feeding the baby on demand are becoming more widely known.

*the condition may worsen over time. If this happens, I will either have to increase the meds I am on or take something different. The surgeries are out of the question, and even my doctor agrees with that.

For now, I will work on getting myself to remain dry, and I will enjoy wearing sexy underwear while I can.


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