Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Official Day of Potty Training

Well, my first official day of potty training has not gone well.

First, I had so many accidents, six to be exact. I did stick to my bathroom schedule, but I had the accidents in between. This is certainly not an indication that I am ready to wear underwear for any length of time.

Second, I am having trouble getting used to using the toilet again. I mean, you have to think. I have been using diapers completely for seven years. Now, I have to train my brain and my bladder to communicate with one another again, so I can get the signal and go to the bathroom and not in the diaper. This involves a lot of concentration, so I am not able to get heavily involved with any kind of task. This includes my work.

I can now truly understand from an adult's point of view why toddlers dread potty training. It is so frustrating, and it can be very discouraging when you have a lot of accidents. I mean, it can make you feel really bad and shameful. I know that it does that to me. If I did not have the motivation to be normal and be free of the severe inconvenience of diapers, I'd so not care to deal with this. I am not giving up, though. I do not expect this to be easy, and I was told it would be difficult. I am going to hang in there because I know that it is worth it. Unlike a child who finds candy and other toys to be good incentive to remaining accident free, a trip to the spa for a full day pampering will be mine.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like. I do not count on it being any better than today because it can take up to two weeks before I see any results.

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