Friday, November 1, 2013

An Update About My Week

This is a post that is an update for the last week of September.

Hello to all of my readers. I definitely did not forget about my blog. I still love all of you guys and have a lot to tell you. I have just been too sick and busy. The sick part is because I am on my treatment to get my Chronic Candida under control, and the treatment makes me feel horrible. The good news is that I am nearing the end of it, and I feel good. Hmmmmmmm, where to begin.

1. I had a crazy week with the bowels again. Yup, that sometimes happens. I had diarrhea like every single day. I do not understand, my bowels pick the time they want to act up, and they do it for no reason. I did try to eat different foods and I tried taking different things out of my diet. Yeah, it helps some, but not totally. I still have bowel issues, and when they want to act crazy, they do. Just when I think I have this problem licked with some special diet, I realize just how much I really don't.

2. The Diabetic-like urinating has gone away. While my bladder is still very much overactive—that will never be cured unless some cure is ever found, I have stopped urinating as much as I have been previously. My urine also does not have the sweet smell anymore, probably because the yeast and harmful fungal bacteria is dying off in my body. I am glad to not be filling up a diaper every two hours. And yes, it is no exaggeration. I was really filling up good, absorbent diapers every two hours, and that is not the norm at all.

3. I have been pondering what I am going to do with my Stigma Warriors channel on YouTube. I established that channel to help shed light on diseases and conditions that are highly stigmatized. I just have to plan out how I am going to get things done. I need someone to help film for starters. I do know what I am going to talk about, though, for my first few videos. And incontinence will definitely be discussed, obviously.

That is all for this week.

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