Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things Are Getting Better

Well, I do have some good news.

Yesterday and today went well. I had four accidents yesterday and three today. I also decreased the amount of time in between bathroom breaks. Instead of going every two hours, I have been going every hour and a half. I will bring it back up to two hours again on Monday again to see what that will do. I also took out the caffeine.

Something else that is pretty neat is that I may be doing some speaking engagements with the Simon Foundation, an organization that advocates for people who suffer from incontinence. Last night, I emailed them and told them I was interested in doing this. I will wait to hear what they say.

I am so glad things are starting to get better. I was beginning to get discouraged. Heck, I even felt like giving up, but I did not. I pushed myself because I kept in mind the reward at the end--normalcy.

Good night, people. I shall have more to say tomorrow.

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