Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Liberated!

Finaly, there is awesome news!

For the past week, I have been completely accident free. I can control my bladder like a normal individual--I do not get those strong urges that make me feel the need to run to the bathroom all the time, and I do not wet the bed. Improvements came faster than I expected. It feels so cool to wear underwear again and possess the ability to hold my bladder for several hours.

Now, I do currently have a bladder infection, a common side effect of the medication I am on, but that is nothing to me. I have had thousands of those in my lifetime, and I'd rather have a thousand more, if it means I will be able to control my bladder. UTIs and bladder infections are easy enough to treat and are not a severe side effect. Uncomfortable? Yes. Serious? No.

I am just going to have to take some precautions to make sure the infections stay to a minimum. I will have to consume more water, and I will have to add cranberry juice to my diet. That is fine with me. I just thank God there is a solution to my problem. I feel liberated!


Andy1050 said...

I'm with you in support. Incontinence since an injury in 1993, and coping with urinary issues 24/7. I agree totally with your opening statement...keep up the good work.

The Real Cie said...

Which medication is this? I'm leery of using the medications because of the anticholinergic effects. I already have a tendency towards constipation because of my hypothyroidism, and I fear that using bladder control meds might just make it worse.