Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Incontinence Support Group on Facebook

I started a new incontinence support group on Facebook. I did have one on Google, but it proved to be unsuccessful. I am pleased to say that the incontinence support group on Facebook is very active.

I have made this group a secret group to protect people's anonymity. There are many who are still very embarrassed and ashamed of their condition, and they do not want people to know they are in such a group or that they have incontinence problems. I want to be sensitive to their feelings. If you want to be added to my incontinence support group on Facebook, add me as a friend by either typing in my full name, Reina Grosvalet, or by typing in my email address, waldorfpc@gmail.com. I will accept your friend request. Once I do, send me a message on Facebook saying that you want to be added to the group, and I will add you.

I need to tell you of the group rules up front. They are as follows:

1. What happens in the group stays in the group. Some of my members are worried about things being shared outside of the group that the discuss. I assured them it would not happen. If it did, the offender would face consequences.

2. No infantilism and fedishism. My group is not the place for that kind of thing. My group is an incontinence support group where incontinent people can go to get support. Loved ones and caregivers are also invited to find support and learn.

3. Keep it respectful. It is okay to disagree, but please be mature about it.

That is all my rules. Not much, huh? I look forward to seeing you all in the group.

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