Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flying Tips for Incontinent People flying to, From Or in america

I felt like contributing this post for people who wish to fly on a plane. I have come up with these tips based on my own personal experiences flying and having to deal with security protocols and such.

1. When you carry diaper rash cream with you, make sure your tube is three ounces or less. If it is not, your cream will be confiscated and thrown away. You always want to carry diaper rash cream with you in case you get that lovely thing we call a diaper rash so suddenly. We are prone to those if we have to fly for some time because it is terrible to try and change a diaper in a plane bathroom. I do not even try because the space is too small. I always wait until I land to change my diapers.

2. Do not carry a large pack or box of baby wipes with you if you do not want to be hassled. When a bunch of wipes are stuck together, like in a pack or a box, it looks like liquid on the scanner. You will be asked to dump out your bags and be subjected to scrutiny. What you need to do is carry some travel sized packs of wipes or a small wipe contain of wipes that you would put in a diaper bag. Or, you can get the individually wrapped reassure wipes from HDIS by calling 1800-269-4663.

3. Make sure your bottle of baby powder is not any bigger than eleven ounces. If the powder is more than eleven ounces, it will be tested with a certain chemical by TSA staff. No, they will not destroy your powder, but they will dump a bit of it on a special test strip and dump your bag to make sure there are no threats. Travel sized or medium sized bottles of powder are more ideal for flying.

I hope that you find these tips helpful. I had to learn these the hard way. Thankfully, the guy checking my stuff was really cool. He and I chatted, and he explained all the protocols to me. I am glad he explained things because I can now share that with you.

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