Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Love the New Tranquility Smart Core Diapers

A week ago, I received some samples of the new Tranquility smart Core diapers. I loved them so much that I ordered a full shipment and changed my personally delivery plan to these diapers instead of the Slim Lines I was receiving prior.

The Smart Core diapers are right up there with the Tranquility ATN diapers but they have the cloth backing instead of the plastic. Just recently, I have taken a liking to the cloth covered diapers and have forsaken the plastic because they are not as noisy and do not make me sweat so badly.

For a while, Tranquility only made the Slim Lines with the cloth out cover in my size. They are awesome but not quite as absorbent as the Tranquility Smart Core. I liked the absorbency of the Tranquility ATN diapers but did not want to continue to get them because of the plastic. But when I heard about Smart Core--I heard about them from a member in my support group, I just had to try them.

I must say that these adult diapers are the absolute best ones with the cloth outer covering. They do not leak and quickly take the moisture from my skin. They also contain agents in them to keep fungal infections and bacterial infections at bay as well as chemicals to keep PH balanced and control odor. Best of all, they are not even nearly as expensive as the Tranquility ATN diapers, and I do not have to change them as often as the Tranquility Slim Line diapers. With the Tranquility smart Cores, I feel more confident and comfortable.

Tranquility is an awesome company. Tranquility diapers are made to fit people of all body shapes. Some brands are only designed to fit people with a specific shaped figure, such as an out-glass figure, and they do not work for others who do not have that specific that the diapers are designed to fit. With Tranquility, there is no guesswork, and you can get these diapers and feel confident that they will work and fit well.

I recommend Tranquility Smart Core diapers to anyone who needs to wear diapers.

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